077 – From Darkness to Light – The Wedding

by admin on October 5, 2013

Hello and welcome to another episode of From Darkness to Light a podcast about healing, accepting love and learning to live life to the full.

– I’ve been married for a week!

– Rehearsal and dinner the night before the wedding

– Last breakfast as an engaged couple

– Running errands and then the real preparation starts

– Pre-ceremony preparation at home and at chapel

– Before shots with photographer

– The ceremony and trying not to trip!

– All the essential accessories

– Musician friend plays her heart out!

– Washing of the feet and sung meditation added in to the traditional ceremony

– A writing my husband wrote many months added to program

– Family formal portraits

– Wedding party portraits at nearby park

– Reception fun!

– Decorations and extra things made were lovely

– Mingling and great food and fun

– Saying good-bye

– Getting help to get packed up, off to continue the wedding night celebration

– It was a very enjoyable time with our guests and my husband

– Will share with you more about the rest of the first few weeks together next time

– Whether you were there in person or just in spirit and prayer your support means so much. I look forward to sharing with you more of my journey as a wife from this point on.

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Have a great week and I will talk to you next time. God bless.

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Lyn Francisco October 5, 2013 at 11:57 pm

Great idea with subbing out the so-called ‘Unity Candle’ with the washing of the feet! I never liked the unity candle as it seemed so very hokey to me.

What a gorgeous shawl! Thanks for sharing these reflections, Stephanie! Congrats again! xxx


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