073 – From Darkness to Light – The Storms of Life

by admin on September 7, 2013

Hello and welcome to another episode of From Darkness to Light a podcast about healing, accepting love and learning to live life to the full.

– Literal storm inspired today’s topic

– Storms in my life in the first months of 2011

– Haikus I wrote in this period are found in episode 5

– Storms can strike without notice although signs are there

– Life events can come out of nowhere too

– First sessions in counseling

– Taking my baby step forward, first discussed in episode 3

– Storms that arise in our lives can be vicious and overwhelming

– Storms based on negative past experiences, emotions, health conditions

– Calm comes after the storm

– Storms come in many forms, but have the same kind of structure

– Sometimes we have no choice but to accept that storms are going to come

– If your storms are more than you can handle, seek help from a friend, a family member, a professional counselor or even on your knees in prayer

– God is always there. We just have to allow him to lovingly take our hand and walk with us on our journey through the storms and the sunshine.

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