January 2011

Highlights of 2010

by admin on January 6, 2011

2010 is almost officially over and it was another interesting year. I’m thankful for the challenges this year has brought, but I’m looking forward to a fresh start. My goal for the year was to make more time for myself and for God, which I accomplished. In 2011 my major goal is to get going with fitness again and for some internal healing to begin.

I share with you my highlights (some lowlights too) of 2010:

January: My second guinea pig died, leaving the saddest sight ever. Our new Archbishop was installed and I watched the mass live on TV.

February: Began my last grad class ever and worked on my capstone/thesis. My class was on Saturday so I ended up driving to make sure I was back in time for mass. Was never late and traffic was not so bad! My first wisdom tooth was pulled. Secured a place to stay for the CNMC. Bought my (cheap) plane tickets, a TiVo, wireless adapter and router with tax refund. Officially had an emergency fund (which was quickly depleted).

March:Finished my capstone draft. Celebration!

April: Did final revisions on my capstone. I attempted to start my own business, a piano studio, which crashed and burned. I put it lots of effort to get the word out, but got no clients. I remained happy with the two kids I already had. Presided over cathedral-style evening prayer for the last project for my last grad school class. Picked up cap, gown and hood and officially submitted my capstone for publication. Hosted Easter dinner for my family.

May: I GRADUATED!!!!!!! Even though my dad couldn’t be there, it was still a great experience. Gained a new identity. Started a new part-time job at a craft store as a cashier. Spring concert for school and the end of the school year.

June: I repented of my spoilery Twitter ways. Turned 29 and wrote a list of 29 Things I Am Grateful For. Saw Toy Story 3 and bought myself an In Between Sundays t-shirt and a few other things for b-day gifts. Set and surpassed goals for how far I could bike and biked to my church job almost every day I worked there (4 miles each way). Biked 100 miles.

July: Saw Danny Gokey in concert at Summerfest. Saw Wicked for the first time (after reading the book). In the 10 days before leaving for Boston, I counted down my top ten reasons for going on this blog. Biked over 100 miles.

August: Traveled to Boston for the Catholic New Media Celebration. I stayed with great friends Zina and Jeff and met friends I met last summer and ones I never met before in person. Went to see at Third Day at State Fair. Wrote a guest blog post for Catholic Tech Tips. Bought a headset and started podcasting with great friend Kien. It was a “secret project” until we debuted officially in September. Biked 125 miles.

September: Another school year began. My first class is now in 6th grade – wow! The premiere of TV Rewind podcast! Biked 125 miles. Second wisdom tooth was pulled, but was much more traumatic than the first time. Mom has a situation where she can’t walk and has to go to rehab. When she returns to the Villa, she moves to a handicap-accessible room. Dad also moves to a smaller room.

October: Attended the Archdiocese Catholic Teacher’s Convention and the Wisconsin State Music Educators Conference. Met online friend Laura and her son while staying in Madison.

November: Blue (my car) is hit by an uninsured, unlicensed driver while she is parked by church (isn’t that lovely!). Shop around repair shops and finally find the right one. Car is in shop for 2.5 weeks and I have a rental with XM (bliss!). Performed The Sea Symphony with the MSO Thanksgiving weekend. We had Thanksgiving dinner from food service at my parents’ place. My mom officially announced that she and my dad were separated, even though we’ve known in our hearts for a few months.

December: Performed in the holiday pops concerts with the MSO and Chorus.┬áRecorded a podcast Christmas Special for our feed and the Catholic Roundup New Media Advent Calendar. Celebrated Christmas at the Villa with the family. Fr. Roderick announced the dates and location for next year’s CNMC. I hope I can go but it depends on finances. I started watching the greatest TV show ever (Buffy) and its spin-off (Angel).

I hope all of you had a fantastic 2010 and have a wonderful and blessed 2011.