May 2010

Graduation Photos

by admin on May 17, 2010


New Identity

by admin on May 16, 2010

I finished my last class last Saturday and as of Thursday I shall forever be known as a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies because I graduated!!!! 🙂  My dad had every intention of going down there with me, but he was struggling with dizzy spells.  He went to the doctor and was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  He had an echo test today, although I don’t know what came of that.  It is very possible that he will have to have the heart surgery that was put off because they diagnosed that the spells were related to his heart.  I and he were sad he couldn’t go, but I still went on my own.

The ceremony was held at a Jewish congregation which was directly across the street from the Obama’s house.  You can’t see their house, though, because it is covered by greenery.  It’s also protected by Secret Service and don’t even think about taking a photo!  It’s crazy.  Those security measures determined where we could park and how we got to the congregation.  It was very interesting and the ceremony was great.  There was a professional photographer there, so I’ll be able to order photos of the ceremony (although I did take some myself).

I left as soon as I could after school, and in rush hour it only took 2.5 hours.  The delays were not nearly as long as I anticipated.  There was free parking available down the street from the congregation.  I had every intention of trying to find something to eat on foot, but I took a wrong turn and it led to me walking a very large loop in the neighborhood and I ran out of time.  I was starving throughout the ceremony, but luckily there was a reception afterward with some great food.  It was quite crowed at the reception, but I did get food and sat down for a little bit.  I graduated with many of my former classmates, which was great.

I had to give my cap, gown and hood back, but the tassel is mine! 😉  After I ate a bit and chatted with a few folks, I headed home.  Amazingly, with the aid of some great music, I was able to stay awake and arrived home at 12:30 a.m.  I immediately went to bed.  I awoke the next day around 9 a.m.  I let the church office know that I wasn’t sure if I would be in, but I still so worn out that I decided to not go in at all.  My new job called to ask me to work in the afternoon and evening, but I was fine by then.

Finishing grad school presents new challenges.  No longer am I a grad student and now face the unknown.  I’m staying in my current church position, and we’ll see where my education leads for my ministry.  As I have previously written, I am working to expand my piano studio.  Although I have had some calls and e-mails for information, no one has signed up officially yet.  My Spiritual Director is very excited about the new challenges that lay ahead for me and the last time I saw her, she asked me to imagine myself breaking free of “my box.”  I now have a new identity as a Masters of Arts in Pastoral Studies and this could lead to some wonderful things.  I don’t have to be trapped in my box, but can be free to do new things (as I am beginning to do).

My next step is to accept my new identity and to create new opportunities outside of my box.  My box is still there, but I’m not tied to it forever.