January 2010

Highlights of 2009

by admin on January 1, 2010

2009 was an interesting year. I’m thankful for the challenges this year has brought, but I’m looking forward to a fresh start. My goal for the year was to make more time for myself and for God, which I accomplished. In 2010, my goal is to finish my capstone and do all I can to have a great last semester. 🙂

I share with you my highlights (some lowlights too) of 2009:

January: My Dad went to the hospital heart surgery.  He was informed that he would not need surgery after all. Instead they put in a stint and sent him home on Tuesday.  Mom had a little diabetic scare yesterday and he had to call 911. She had low blood sugar and was in bad shape.  Saw my high school choir friend Eric in The Producers.  MSO Chorus performances.

February: Had lunch with the church staff for our retiring DRE.

March: My parents moved to assisted living.  There was lots to be done to help them downsize again, but it needed to be done.  They are doing so well now and health for both of them is better.  Got my Blackberry Curve and I started texting/twittering a lot more. MSO Chorus performances.

April/May: Planned and implemented a Pentecost Vigil service for my media cultures final project.  It went very well, but it was so much work and I didn’t get the help I needed until the last weekend before I had to present it to my class!  Also saw Rent for the first time with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal starring in Chicago.  It was my fourth time seeing it overall.  Glee premieres and I have a new love.  School spring concert and the end of the school year.

June: For the first time in seven years, I didn’t work at camp.  This was difficult and I tried to get a job, which didn’t happen.  I used the time to really enjoy my summer – read more, watched movies and TV, etc.  MSO Chorus performances.  Took an amazing technology class to get credits for my license renewal.  I loved the class very much and fell more in love with the Mac.  Had a rough re-audition for the MSO Chorus and then while I was in it had my car broken into.  Phone and Bose speaker were stolen.  Expense to get phone replaced, but I have yet to get a new speaker.  Luckily my car was in the shop during the week I was leaving, so I didn’t need it and could walk to Verizon.  Traveled to San Antonio for the CNMC and met so many of my online friends and stayed with my friend Inge from the Netherlands.  Had meals with many of my friends and more importantly, breakfast with Fr. Roderick!

July: Enjoyed more of my time off – movies, books, TV.  Went to Theology on Tap at various locations for the first time.  Went to see Rent again.  Had my two-year knee injury anniversary.

August: Went to see Joseph again.  Went to see MercyMe at State Fair with a camp friend and her cousin.  Read more books, especially “The Shack” which changed my life.

September: Started my online class which I loved!

October: Performed with the MSO Chorus (as I have for many years) for a very special concert dedicated to our fallen members, Elisabeth Witte who died tragically in May of 2008 – the one season I was not in the chorus – and James Christie also died this year.  Received my graduation packet from CTU and realized that yes, I am graduating! Made me realize I really should get going on my capstone.  Had my second marathonaversary.  Went to Madison for the state music conference and state honors concerts. Jonathan Jackson returned to General Hospital.

November: Realized that I had extreme money issues due to not working in the summer. Made my official first baby step on the Dave Ramsey plan by attempting to sell lots of things.  Lots of things sold, which was very helpful, but I still couldn’t save.  The money I earned just went towards staying ahead with my bills, so I guess I’m still on that step. Went to my 10-year high school reunion, which was great.

December: Performed in the holiday pops concerts with the MSO and Chorus.  Got my H1N1 mist and spent the longest hour plus in a line, but was entertained by my tweeps.  Wrote the final paper for my class that will be a springboard for my capstone.  Secured my capstone faculty advisor, wrote my capstone proposal and registered for my last semester!  Wrote a blog post for the Catholic Roundup New Media Advent Calendar.

I hope all of you had a fantastic 2009 and have a wonderful and blessed 2010.