November 2009

Ten Years – WOW!

by admin on November 8, 2009

Last night was my 10-year high school reunion. This reunion truly proved the power of social media because it was organized through Facebook. Since so many of our classmates are on the site, our class officers befriended those classmates, set up an events page, accumulated e-mail addresses and then sent our an evite to those individuals. Granted, a large portion of the class is not on Facebook, but enough people are to have made it worth it. I think in total there were about 60 people there, and out of hundreds of classmates that’s a good group to have. It was at a pub in Greendale and the small setting made it very manageable. Our class president (and my former piano student)’s brother took care of the catering and it was really nice to see his family busy in the kitchen and running around doing things. His parents were always involved with different things and hosted the musical cast parties (one of which I was in senior year).

I had mixed feelings about attending. I wasn’t that social in high school and was involved in music (choir) more than anything else (imagine that!). But it was nice to see my old music and homeroom buds as well as others. A social event like this really is an introvert’s worst nightmare because there’s a lot of pressure to be, well, social. 😉 I managed to talk to several people but did miss a few music buds who were there. I did spend a lot of time sitting or standing idle, but that was okay. I wasn’t lonely and it was interesting to see how people interacted. Sadly, the same cliques from ten years ago still exist and it was evident in how people split into groups. In the beginning, a classmate and his wife invited me to sit with them which was helpful, but didn’t last long as they soon were up and mingling. I recognized most of the people there except for a few and it was a pretty enjoyable time. I don’t know if I’ll go to anymore reunions, but this was a good one.

Another sad part was that our main organizer and class officers had every intention of being there, but the baby in her belly had other ideas. She was having labor pains all day and thought it best to stay close to the doctor. Hopefully she’ll be reporting some good news soon that the baby has arrived. We missed you, Mel, and wish you the best. 🙂

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