July 2009

Knee Anniversary

by admin on July 19, 2009

I originally wrote this blog post two years after this awesome injury happened. I didn’t have a blog until two years after it occurred. One of my favorite activities at camp that summer was to “tell the story of your greatest injury” because I love to tell this story. Here is the official recap of the story behind my greatest injury ever.

It was Wednesday of the fifth session at camp. Wednesday at camp is cookout day for lunch, so we had just picked up our food at the lodge. The girls had gone ahead of us, so myself, Butterfly (counselor) and Star (CIT) were walking down the waterfront stairs with the remaining food. I was carrying a container of fruit and Butterfly and Star were in front of me walking (stress walking – I was not running as some have accused!). When we were near the bottom of the stairs, I (figured out after it happened) tripped on a rock that was sticking out and rolled down the remaining 5 or 6 stairs. When I landed at the bottom there was no longer any fruit because it had opened and fell all over the area. Star and Butterfly stayed with me to see if I was okay. I have no idea how I didn’t fall into them, but someone I was the only one injured. I felt okay and tried to get up, but was dizzy so I sat back down. I had my walkie talkie with me so I called Tink, our Health Supervisor. That summer I would be forever be remembered as the girl who fell down the stairs and still was able to call for help. Yeah, I’m awesome. ūüėČ

In minutes Tink came to rescue me in her golf cart. I hobbled to the cart and she helped me in and grabbed my backpack that I had taken off. She whisked me up to the Welcome Center and drove the cart all the way to the door. She helped me out and I hobbled inside and into the bathroom. She saw that there was quite a bit of gravel and dirt in the wound, so she had me take off my shoes and socks and hop into the shower to try to clean it out. I was in a whole lot of pain, so she gave me a Tylenol to help a little. The shower experience was so painful because the wound was so raw and there was so much in it. Tink quickly realized that this was more than she could handle, so she talked to Velma (camp director) about who could be acquired to take me to Urgent Care. She also checked with Blinks (Adventure Director) to find out if one of the vans was available. Busy Bee was contacted and she came up and given the job to take me. I again hobbled over to the cart and she drove me across the parking lot to the van and we were on our way. Urgent Care is right by the local Wal-Mart so it was no problem to find it.

Tink hooked me up with some crutches to take with, and since I’ve had previous experience with them, I had no problem getting along with them. Biz dropped me off at the door and went to park. We went in together and got the paperwork started to get me taken care of. I was covered by the camp’s insurance so I was able to be seen without any problem. After a short wait they brought me into the exam room.

I was first met by a nurse, who looked over my knee and saw that the debris was very far into my knee. She told me that I cut my knee just about as far as I could without getting stitches. A doctor came in to check and let me know that the only way to clean it out would be to numb and scrub the wound. This is where the real pain began because the numbing meds were in a very big needle and it was so painful to have that being poked all over my knee. It was so painful that I was crying. After my knee was all numbed I felt no pain, which was great. The nurse was then able to scrub out the wound and get all the debris out. After it was clean and ready, she dressed the wound and I was good to go. She gave us some instructions for how to care for the wound which Biz diligently wrote down and we were able to go.

I took my crutches and we headed out after the van was retrieved. We stopped at Subway to pick up lunch (she took my order and got it for me) and then headed back to camp. I went in on crutches to the Welcome Center and was met by CITs and a few staff members. I went to the table to eat and Biz told them what the nurse had told us. I would need to redress the wound daily, limit movement for a few days and take pain killers a few times a day as needed.

The rest of the week I had quite a few golf cart rides, which was sometimes an inconvenience and went with Tink daily to re-dress the wound. I had to revise some of my nature activities so that I wouldn’t have to move much and was on crutches the rest of the week. I continued on crutches through the weekend and got permission to play for mass downstairs.

I was still on crutches coming back on Sunday for the next session and Mom (registered nurse) took a look at it later that afternoon. The goal of the next few weeks was to get mobility back, so I stopped using crutches and did all I could to get my knee back to full use. I think I took a little too long in using it fully, however. By the end of the week, I was back to full use. I had it re-dressed for a few days, but within a few days of the second week, we let the wound “breathe” and left off the dressing. Eventually, I developed an awesome scar, had full use of my knee back and had a great story to tell.

The worst part of all of this is that this injury came smack dab in the middle of my marathon training. I was looking forward to doing my first full marathon in October and this injury took me out of training for a month (perhaps a little longer than necessary). After camp, I had quite a bit of catch-up to do, but I got back on track and was able to complete the race with no problem.

The scar of this injury still remains, but it is much better than it was two years ago. The photos of the months after the wound are on Facebook, but I’ll include a photo of the wound today here. I hope I never have to experience anything like this again, but I am so grateful that it wasn’t worse than it was and that I was able to recover quickly. My Knee Today


CNMC 2009 Day 4

by admin on July 1, 2009

It’s now Wednesday and I am finally getting around to blogging about the last day of my trip. ¬†Sunday was an extremely long day for me. ¬†The day started with a workout in the hotel gym (30 minutes on treadmill) to get a good start to the day. ¬†After showering and getting dressed, I went downstairs for breakfast. ¬†I was informed by Fr. Seraphim that we had a big table around the corner (the same one four of us were at on Friday), so I got some food and joined them. ¬†After two days of not the best breakfasts, I decided to do better and had cereal. ¬†I ate with a great group of people and it was very enjoyable.

Before too long it was time for mass where we were going to be celebrating together. ¬†Fr. Roderick, Fr. Seraphim, Fr. Jay, Fr. Bill and Deacon Tom all had the pleasure of co-celebrating with the presider from St. Mary’s that was right across the street from the hotel. ¬†It was a very beautiful church and it was a unique mass. ¬†They had a small choir in the loft, but they didn’t have a microphone up there. ¬†There was a pipe organ, but they didn’t use it all the time and had some instances of a capella or chanted hymns. ¬†Another unique thing was that during the gospel, the presider had us sit during the reading and offered a commentary during the reading. ¬†I had never experienced that before, and I don’t know if that is even okay to do during a mass. ¬†The mass was very nice and it was wonderful to share a final experience with all the CNMC participants.

A very special thing happened during the mass.  As I shared earlier, Mac and Katherine were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary during the weekend.  During the mass, they were called up and Fr. Bill had the honor of presiding over the renewal of their wedding vows.  It was just so neat to see all of our SQPN priests and Deacon Tom up there during this part and for Eucharist. P1020377

P1020381After mass, we hung out in the sanctuary for quite a long time to say final good-bye and snap photos. ¬†Zina also handed out handmade rosaries and I was happy to receive one. ¬†I didn’t stay very long because I wanted to see The Alamo and Barb and her mom were also going. ¬†I found out later that group photos were taken at the church that I missed because I left. ¬†I went back to the room to change and then headed off to meet them. ¬†By the time I got there, the line was quite long and it was very hot. ¬†Before getting in line, I stopped for ice cream across the street, which was a great way to cool down before heading in. ¬†Since no food or drink is allowed in, I had to finish it outside, which wasn’t a problem because the line was huge!


P1020392 When I got back from there, I went to gather my things from the room and checked out.  I did call the desk the night before to ask them if I could check out at 1 p.m., which they said was fine.  Barb messaged me to let me know that our taxi would be there at 1:15, so I decided to hang out in the lobby until it was time to leave (since I really had nowhere else to go).  I was joined by Fr. Seraphim, Fr. Jay, Inge, Zina, Jeff and Myra.  The priests had their technology and I got this awesome photo taken with the most beautiful baby ever!  P1020415

Myra and StephI took a walk to get water and found a new seat when I came back since Inge had just returned from a walk herself (with her H2). ¬†Before long Barb and Rosalie joined us along with Marianne and Emily who were sharing our taxi. ¬†Before too long, our taxi arrived and it was time to say good-bye and head to the airport. ¬†Jeff Young had originally said he would join as well, but decided that day to leave earlier. ¬†The other four were headed out by Southwest and I took American, so we were dropped at our various places at the airport and although we were ready to pay our own way, Rosalie decided to “pay it forward” and take care of the fare.

I checked in for my first flight on the American kiosk to get my boarding passes and headed to my gate. ¬†I got right through security with no problems and stopped at Quiznos to grab some lunch. ¬†It was my first time ever eating there and it was delicious! ¬†I then went over to the gift shop to get my traditional postcards and magnet. ¬†I have a friend who collects postcards, so I have a few to send her now. ¬†After that, I headed to my gate and ran into Kien and John! ¬†I thought there was a chance I would see them because Kien messaged me to ask if I was in the airport and reported that there were in a nearby gate area. ¬†There were just about to leave, so we talked for a few minutes before they left to board their plane. ¬†I stayed to wait to board my 3:30 plane. ¬†Tim from Florida also was on the flight, but we didn’t say hi until afterwards.

The first flight went great and made it to Dallas in the expected time.  I was amazed at how huge the Dallas-Fort Worth airport was and even had to take a shuttle/train to get to the proper gate for the second flight.  Once I got to the right place, I found a (very expensive) organic food restaurant to pick up a salad for dinner.

My second flight to Milwaukee boarded just fine, but within a few minutes we were informed that there would be small delay while they waited for another crew member to board.  Once that person made it, we were off.  Unfortunately, within a few minutes of leaving the gate, we were informed that there was a mechanical problem with the (very small) plane.  It also happened to be 100 degree outside of the plane, so we forced to sit on the plane for way too long while we waited for some answers.  I twittered/plurked all along so my friends would know what was going on.

Here’s what the Twitter feed looked like:

Boarding plane #1 to Dallas 3:08 PM Jun 28th from HelloTxt

Wow DFW is a huge airport! At least I was able to get a salad for dinner. Overly priced, but still good5:02 PM Jun 28thfrom HelloTxt

On the plane to Milwaukee. Small plane for long flight5:51 PM Jun 28th from HelloTxt

Mechanical problem with the plane. Don’t know how long we’ll be delayed ūüôĀ6:24 PM Jun 28th from¬†HelloTxt

Do you know what’s worse than being stuck on a plane? Being stuck in a plane when it is 100 degrees outside! Someone amuse me please!6:37 PM Jun 28th from¬†UberTwitter

No news yet. This blows6:46 PM Jun 28th from UberTwitter

Got an update, but not really. Don’t know how much longer we have to be in this oven6:53 PM Jun 28thfrom¬†UberTwitter

It’s only 77 degrees in Milwaukee. Oh I wish I could teleport myself and my bag there now…6:57 PM Jun 28thfrom¬†UberTwitter

The flight attendant just informed us that the safety cards made excellent fans…yeah…7:00 PM Jun 28thfrom¬†UberTwitter

Going to fly at a lower altitude. Waiting for more fuel…7:08 PM Jun 28th from¬†UberTwitter

So far 5 people have chosen to leave the plane7:14 PM Jun 28th from UberTwitter

Okay 15 more minutes. We’ll see if that’s actually true…6:55 PM Jun 28th from¬†UberTwitter

The fuelers have arrived. They called this “progress”. I’ve been on this plane far too long…7:25 PM Jun 28thfrom¬†UberTwitter

Maybe this my third thing: car broken into, more damage than just the window, stuck on a hot plane for an hour and a half…7:29 PM Jun 28th from¬†UberTwitter

Since bad things come in threes…7:29 PM Jun 28th from¬†UberTwitter

We’re deplaning… ūüôĀ7:37 PM Jun 28th from¬†UberTwitter

We’re going to reboard and take off in 10 minutes…we’ll see. We’ll be taking off about the time we were supposed to be there!!!!8:02 PM Jun 28th from¬†UberTwitter

We’re boarding. Please pray that nothing goes wrong!!!!8:20 PM Jun 28th from¬†UberTwitter

Is finally back in milwaukee! It only took 10 hours but I’m here! (Dance)10:53 PM Jun 28th from¬†HelloTxt

So, after 2.5 hours of delay, we were finally off to our destination!  We took off about 20 minutes after we were supposed to be landing in Milwaukee, so that was crazy.  Once we landed and we able to be free from the torture of this flight, I headed off to the lower level of the airport and stopped at the Go Airport Shuttle station near the exit and informed them that I was supposed to have a shuttle at 8:30, but was delayed.  I took a seat and within a few minutes was able to get a shuttle home!  By 11:15 I was home and so happy to be so!  I picked up my mail and headed straight to bed.  What an exhausting day!  I did get some very pretty photos outside of the plane, like these, however.P1020418


P1020436After 10 hours of traveling, this was a welcome sight to see!P1020437Well, that just about wraps up a very exciting and fun four day experience at the Catholic New Media Celebration. ¬†I really hope that these blogs will help those that weren’t there and be a good recap for those that were. ¬†If you want to check out all of my photos from the trip they are all on Flickr. ¬†Thanks for reading and I’d love your feedback!