November 2008


by admin on November 24, 2008

Well, this was NOT the way I wanted to start my week! Today I had a horrible morning, but I’m feeling better now. Today we had our first major snowfall of the year, which means the roads were terrible. I had to go to Kenosha for the train, so I was cautious in driving on the highway. I slowed down once and as all Midwesterners know, that is trouble on snow. I spun out and rotated a few times, but got back on track without any incidents. A little while later, I had to slow down again, which caused a spin out, but instead of staying on the right side, I spun all the way to the left side and the back of my car hit the median! I do not need this! The right side of the back collided, so the damage is basically on one area, but it dented in the truck and parts of the bumper broke off.

My first cause of action was to call AAA for a tow. As I was on the phone with them, a police officer pulled over to start a report. I told the officer what tow company was coming, who expedited the arrival. He had be sit in his squad car to stay warm and to complete the report while we waited for the tow. It was my first time in a squad car, so it was interesting. Eventually the tow guy came and he talked to the cop. The cop then informed me that the tow guy was not informed of the plan for me to ride with him and go to a service station and would be taking my car to his tow shop (lovely). So a plan was made so that the tow guy would take the car, and the cop would take me to a nearby Petro station which had a restaurant so I could hang out for a while (since they couldn’t tow my car anywhere until 10 am and it was 6:30!). So that’s what happened.

We saw another accident on the way to the Petro, which the officer reported on his computer. It was interesting to see how the calls/reports go down. He was typing and attempting to drive the difficult road at the same time, which was a bit dodgy. So I went in (the officer had retrieved all my bags before it was towed away) and had some breakfast. After I ate, I finished reading “The Little Prince” (which I am reading for the Monday class) and acquired a phone book.

I looked up rental services and car repair shops. I saw that there was an Enterprise place in town (Racine), and since they say “we’ll pick you up!” I called them. They predicted another two hour wait since they were short handed, but not long after that, they called back to say that someone would be there within 10 minutes. So I packed up my things and waited. The driver was very nice and we chatted along the way. There was another wait at Enterprise since there was only one guy there, but it was okay. Soon they hooked me with a 2008 Chevy Cobalt, which is way better than my crap car. They suggested I go to Racine Auto Body, which is where they sent most people. I called the tow company, and they agreed to tow it there. I got the paperwork started at the body shop and since they would tow it within an hour, I decided to hang around the area. My insurance information was in the car, so it was important that I retrieve that before calling them.

I drove down the road and happened upon a farmers market and went in to check it out. It was a nice little shoppe and I bought some chocolate-covered pretzels (after all this stress, don’t I deserve it?). By then I figured my car had been delivered so I headed back to the body shoppe. I didn’t see my car and was going to just leave, but then I saw it. I wasn’t supposed to go in that area, but I did and the car was open so I retrieved my paperwork. I then called my insurance and filed the claim. After that call, I took the insurance information into the body shoppe to add to my paperwork and then called Enterprise. It will only cost me $2.99/day for the car since insurance covers 20, so that is wonderful. Insurance will come to appraise it on Wednesday, so I think I’ll have a long wait before my car is fixed.

Finally, by 11 a.m. – 5.5 hours later – the whole ordeal was over and I was exhausted. I drove home and took a nap. After that I felt much better. I watched some TV and cut some fabric for the concert. So that was my morning and it sucked. I’m just grateful that I didn’t get hurt and I didn’t hit anything else. I don’t have rehearsal tonight, so I have the rest of the day free. I did call my professor at 9:30 and left a message so he would know what was happening. I hope your day was better, but it can only get better from here!