May 2008

Honoring Elisabeth

by admin on May 31, 2008

Those of you in the Milwaukee area have probably heard about the tragic and unbelievable murder of Elisabeth Witte. If you are not in the area, or haven’t heard about it here is the link to the Journal article: I am still in such unbelief that something like this could happen.

Elisabeth Witte was a wonderful woman. I had the great pleasure of singing with her in the MSO Chorus for seven years and I feel priledged to have known her. She was our resident German coach, who helped us better pronounce our German when we sang it wrong. She also served as our librarian for a few years and as a member of the core singers (a paid section leader).

Tomorrow is her funeral and all former and current singers have been invited to sing at her funeral. We are performing part of the B Minor mass (new to me since I didn’t sing this year) and part of the German Requiem. I feel so honored and blessed to be able to honor such a wonderful woman in this way. Concerts next season will also be presented in her honor.

Tomorrow I was supposed to help at the church festival in the afternoon, but I feel it is much more important to honor a beloved chorus member and friend.

I cannot imagine what her family is going through at this time, but in some small way I hope we contribute to easing their pain.

Here is the link to her obit: Our paper adds a guestbook to each entry, and by looking at that, you can see the love we all had for her and the outpouring of sympathy we have.