March 2008

Rude People Still Exist

by admin on March 9, 2008

This actually happened last week Monday, but I want it to be on here.

If I werent’a a Christian, I would have popped some guy in the face tonight!! I’ll back up and tell the full story…Well, I was on the train heading home from Chicago and really minding my own business. For part of the trip, I was listening to music on my iPod (not podcasts for once!), but then later decided to put it away so that I could read a book. I am reading “A New Earth,” which is Oprah’s book club pick and for 10 weeks she and the author are holding an online class – one for each chapter. Well, I still had not read the first chapter, so this was my chance. I digress…Anyway, I was trying very hard to concentrate on my reading and learning to “awaken my life’s purpose,” but I was very distracted because across the aisle from me, a guy and his female friend were talking kinda loudly about their “standards” of a girl/boyfriend. It was pretty vain stuff. The guy mentioned things like she can’t weigh more than me (190), has to be able to carry a conversation, etc. I was trying so hard not to listen until…He says something to his friend along the lines of take this girl here (meaning me). She looks like she could store food for the winter. Look at those chubby cheeks – that’s not for me.Excuse me!!!!???? Where do you get off judging a total stranger and then making comments about said stranger knowing full well that she can hear every word you are saying!!!!????It didn’t stop there. A little later, he mentions to his friend that he likes a girl who has a little color, and then (again talking about me) says this: looks at that girl again. She’s blonde-haired and blue-eyed and she might be attrative, but she’s so pale that she would blend right into the wall.As he was talking, my cheeks I could feel my cheeks getting flushed and I was fuming. I am not a confrontational person, but I were and as Christ-like as I try to be, I would have gone over to that stupid man and said something and possibly popped him in the face. It made me irritated. Luckily, his friend got off then, which stopped the conversation so I could calm down and just forget it.I know that people say things without thinking, but seriously, that was rude and totally uncalled for. I am not fat (I am within my healthy weight range, although I’m not at my ideal personal goal) and yes, I am white, but I’m fair skinned and I can’t help that! I take this opportunity to reflect (or vent if you see it that way). I am a writer more than a talker as you know, but I just needed to get this out. There are ignorant, poor acting people and this situation helped me realize that more and remind me that I need to let things go and act like God would want me to. Many would say that it would have been better to confront him, but would that really solve anything? Not really. I would be more irritated, but it probably wouldn’t change his opinion about my appearance. I choose forgiveness and to use this opportunity as a way to grow in my own self.Everything happens for a reason, and clearly there was a reason for this situation. Maybe if more people acted in a Christian way, we’d have more positive encounters with others.Thanks for letting me get that out. Let me know your thoughts.